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    A trusted Africa-based producer of a range of high quality, nutritious and complementary foods.

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    We are reducing poverty, creating jobs, and tackling malnutrition head-on.

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    Since December 2016, we have been making an impact, providing over 1 million children daily with enough nutritious foods.

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    Helping people maximize their potential through improved nutrition.

AIF in figures:

1.6 mn

Consumers and beneficiaries served per year.


Smallholder farmers impacted


Staff members.


Net incremental value added in Africa.

The Nootri range is a set of porridge flours made for the whole family. They have been enriched with the relevant vitamins, minerals and proteins required for the healthy growth of children and to give you the energy you need to get through the day.

Our foods provide essential nutrition to nearly 2 million individuals every year.

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