AIF’s Workforce

As a food manufacturer, AIF employs laboratory analysts, food scientists, mechanics, engineers, marketers, saleswomen and men, finance experts, agricultural officers, business professionals, and many others. Most of the above positions are filled by more than 500 permanent employees.


Local Hiring

Our policy is to hire locally, and as such, most of AIF’s 500 employees are Rwandan, Ugandan, Kenyan, and Burundian.


Investment in Training and Development

We invest extensively in the training and development of our employees. For example, many operators and shift leaders have visited factories in Switzerland, Singapore, and Kenya to learn how to implement high-quality manufacturing standards.


Promotion of Local Talent and Gender Balance

Since early 2017, many of AIF’s employees have risen through the ranks of the company to fill key positions. Our long-term goal is to fill key management positions with local talent and to achieve a gender balance.


Annual Employee Survey

Every year, an independent organization carries out an annual employee survey. The last survey revealed that permanent employees earn 28% more at AIF than their previous job. For casual workers, this number lies at 38%.


Health and Safety Standards

90% of the respondents also indicated that health and safety standards were higher at AIF than at their previous job. So far at AIF, no significant work-related incidents have occurred.


Jobs were created during AIF’s construction


People currently work at AIF’s manufacturing site in Kigali


Of AIF’s employees attest that the standards at AIF are higher than at their previous jobs