Who we are

Africa Improved Foods (AIF) is a public-private partnership involving DSM, Government of Rwanda, IFC, CDC Group and FMO. AIF provides a scalable and sustainable solution to malnutrition via local production of highly nutritious foods. $65m has been invested in Rwanda already in best-in-class technology, operational since December 2016. AIF is a social enterprise and embedded in its business model is a comprehensive strategy to reduce poverty, create jobs and address stunting and malnutrition through partnerships with nonprofit institutions, such as WFP & Governments, as well as making affordable commercial products for the mass market. Long-term contracts are in place to serve WFP & Government of Rwanda. Enough nutritious foods are being produced for >1 million children daily. AIF implements a Value Chain approach to develop local maize and soy farming to a much higher standard. Any profit AIF might make that is above a basic commercial return is given back to the Government of Rwanda to fund further nutritional programs.

We are inspired by the solid evidence that the 1000 days (from conception to the second birthday), are critical for a child’s physical and mental development.

Latest News

Nourishing Nations - Africa Outlook Magazine

Nourishing Nations - Africa Outlook Magazine

Overcoming malnutrition with foods made from locally grown maize.

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BBC Business Daily - Helping Africa feed itself

BBC Business Daily - Helping Africa feed itself

Much of East Africa has the potential to be a food basket for the region. But 250 million Africans remain undernourished and many depend on international food aid. So what can be done? We hear about the success of the Africa Improved Foods project, started 2 years ago in Rwanda.

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Africa Improved Foods takes lead in Aflatoxins fight

Africa Improved Foods takes lead in Aflatoxins fight

The ministry of Agriculture has recently noted aflatoxins as a growing challenge to maize farmers in the country. The moulds which cause a decay in vegetation have also been noted for causing cancer in humans and in their fight against this challenge. Country Director of Africa Improved Foods, Prosper Ndayiragiye joins CNBC Africa for more.

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Nootri Products Range

The Nootri range is a set of porridge flours made for the whole family. They have been enriched with the relevant vitamins, minerals and proteins required for the healthy growth of children and to give you the energy you need to get through the day. These products are produced from locally grown mixed grains of soy, maize and sorghum.


What our clients say

AIF Client Habima Elie

Mbabazi Justine

Mother in Kigali

I started drinking Nootri Family just recently and the results are just tremendous!

AIF Client Habima Elie

Ingabire Donata

New Mother in Kigali

I love feeding my baby with Nootri, it significantly contributes to her healthy growth and development!

AIF Client Habima Elie

Mukandoli Florence


With SHISHA Kibondo, both my baby and I get the necessary nutrients for excellent health!

AIF Client Habima Elie

Uwizeyimana Faustin

Farmer in Rulindo district

AIF is a unique partner that purchases & pays right away for the maize we produce!

AIF Client Habima Elie

Habimana Elie

Head of COVAMABA cooperative

Our Work efficiency has truly improved thanks to the maize shellers provided by AIF.