At Africa Improved Foods (AIF), we are more than just a food manufacturer – we are a movement dedicated to ending malnutrition in Africa.

As we believe in the power of collaboration to create positive change, we joined forces with DSM, Government of Rwanda, IFC, CDC Group, and FMO, and invested $65 million in the latest technology to create a social enterprise with a mission to make a real difference.

With local production of highly nutritious foods, we are reducing poverty, creating jobs, and tackling malnutrition head-on.

Since December 2016, we have been making an impact, providing over 1 million children daily with enough nutritious foods to help them grow strong and healthy. And we are just getting started!

Our commitment to making affordable commercial products accessible to the mass market led us to create a value chain approach to developing local maize and soy farming, along with a comprehensive strategy that brings together partnerships with non-profits like the World Food Program and governments. The result? A solution that is not just accessible for all, but also scalable and sustainable.

At AIF, we believe that good nutrition is a right, not a privilege. So come join us on our mission to nourish Africa, one bite at a time!

An impact driven African food champion addressing hunger and malnutrition by building resilient and sustainable food systems, offering consumers nutritious, affordable and accessible products.

Be the best-in-class provider of safe, nutritious and affordable food, impacting over 10 million lives daily in Africa by end of 2028.

Our Vision is to be a trusted Africa-based producer of a range of high quality, nutritious and complementary foods that are proven to help prevent malnutrition.

Our Mission is to help people maximize their potential through improved nutrition with affordable, high quality, locally sourced foods.

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