Our solutions to malnutrition


Malnourished children's needs addressed through WFP


Rwandan PLW and children (above 6 months) given access to nutritious complementary foods


Nutritious meals provided to 46 district hospitals in Rwanda

Super Cereal Plus

Addresses the needs of moderately acute malnourished infants (above 6 months) in refugee camps across EA

Shisha Kibondo

Distributed for free to vulnerable infants (above 6 months) and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in Rwanda.


Our commercial products are available as healthy complementary meals to all family members

Custom FBFs

Corn soya blends fortified with vitamins & minerals chosen by experts to address specific nutrient deficiencies.

AIF is a producer of a category of Fortified Blended Foods known as Corn Soya Blends (CSB’s). CSBs are complementary foods designed specifically to tackle moderate acute malnutrition and alleviate stunting. Our CSBs are rich in energy and protein and are
fortified with vitamin & mineral premixes that can be tailored to address specific micronutrient deficiencies. If nutritional needs require, soy oil and sugar can be added to boost lipid content and palatability. At AIF, we are striving to have the maximum social, economic and environmental impact in communities in which we operate.

The majority of AIF’s production capacity is allocated towards the production of Super Cereal Plus for the World Food Programme (WFP). Super Cereal Plus is designed specifically for infants and is distributed by WFP to refugee camps in South Sudan, Northern Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. In 2017, the 25,000MT of Super Cereal Plus AIF supplied to WFP treated 1.68 million children aged from 6 months for moderate acute malnutrition.

In Rwanda, AIF is a partner in one of the world’s largest anti-stunting programmes. Our contribution to the programme, which is led by the Ministry of Health, is Shisha Kibondo. There are two types of Shisha Kibondo; one for infants and the other for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. The goal of the programme is to tackle Rwanda’s high stunting rates by making Shisha Kibondo available for free to all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and infants older than 6 months through all district healthcentres. Only mothers and infants in Rwanda’s “Ubudehe 1” income category are eligible, meaning the poorest Rwandan mothers can now ensure their children receive the right nutrition during the first 1,000 days of their lives. In 2017, Shisha Kibondo was distributed for free to 74,916 vulnerable mothers and 15,344 vulnerable 6-23 months old infants.

In 2017, AIF also provided 3.5 million nutritious porridge meals to 46 Rwandan district hospitals. These products were specially formulated to address nutrient deficiencies inherent to HIV/AIDS patients.