Partnering in Anti-Stunting Program in Rwanda.

In Rwanda, AIF is a partner in one of the world’s largest anti-stunting programs. Our contribution to this program, led by the Ministry of Health, is Shisha Kibondo. There are two types of Shisha Kibondo; one for infants and the other for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

The goal of the program is to tackle Rwanda’s high stunting rates by making Shisha Kibondo available for free to all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and infants older than 6 months through all district health centers.

Providing Essential Nutrition to Nearly 2 Millions Individuals

We are proud to say that our foods currently provide essential nutrition to nearly 2 millions individuals every year. At AIF, we believe that good nutrition is a fundamental human right and we are committed to making it accessible to all.


1.6M Malnourished children’s needs addressed through WFP.


90K Rwandan PLW and children (above 6 months) given access to nutritious complementary foods.


Nutritious complimentary meals provided to RW  disctrict hospitals to support HIV and TB patients.