WFP Super Cereal Plus

WFP Super Cereal Plus AIF is the only WFP-certified producer of Super Cereal Plus in Africa. Super Cereal Plus is a highly specialized cereal made from pre-cooked grains blended with skimmed milk powder, sugar, soy oil and micronutrients. It is used to treat and prevent moderate acute malnutrition among young children aged 6+ months.

Shisha Kibondo Mother

Shisha Kibondo flour for mothers is used to make a highly nutritious porridge for pregnant or breastfeeding women. The porridge is essential in contributing to a good health of the mother and her unborn child. It is a blend of maize, soya, vitamins and minerals.

Shisha Kibondo Infant

Shisha Kibondo flour is used to make a highly nutritious complementary porridge for infants and young children older than 6 months. The porridge is a complementary food that contributes to a child’s good health and development while they continue to breastfeed to at least two years of age. It is a blend of maize, soya, milk powder, sugar, vitamins & minerals.