With over a year since Nootri was launched on the market, this is what our consumers think about our products.

“I started drinking Nootri Family just recently and the results are just tremendous. The porridge itself tastes good, cooking time is less compared to the others, and whenever I take it in the morning before leaving for work, I can spend the whole morning feeling good and energetic,” Mbabazi Justine


“I haven’t always been a porridge lover but when a friend introduced me to Nootri Family I tried it and liked it. I usually skip dinner and have a healthy cup of Nootri Family before bed and it’s really worth it because I wake up feeling good. I also introduced it to my grandmother who has become a huge fan too,” Mwiza Christine

“Last year I had the opportunity to attend Nootri Mother’s day and that was when I was introduced to all the Nootri products. There, I learnt a lot about the importance of Nootri products. I went home and tried Nootri Mama and ever since then I haven’t taken any other flour, my children seem to be taken by Nootri Family and they have never been healthier. It’s all thanks to Nootri,” Joly Maisara

“Nootri Family ni ifu nziza y’igikoma igira igikoma kiryoha, iyo ukinyweye wirirrwa umeze neza ufite n’ imbaraga mu mubiri. Ikaba yananywebwa n’umuryango wose,” Albert Manira

“Products za NOOTRI ni nziza cyane rwose, zifite agakoma karyoshye uwanyweye igikoma cya Nootri family yirirwa ameze neza umunsi wose HEHE no kumva ushonje,” Clarisse Mukashyaka