We are very delighted to have hosted the World Food Programme Executive Director Mr. David Beasley at Africa Improved Foods. He was welcomed by our CEO Amar Ali and the rest of the AIF management team. He was given a tour of the plant and warehouses by COO Mr. Jan Vriens and the laboratory by Lilian Umuhumuza, the Quality Assurance Manager.

“We know that we are never going to solve malnutrition nor hunger without the private sector being included. How we are doing that in Africa is by partnering with AIF who employ over 300 staff, and buy maize from over 25,000 small scale farmers which translates to jobs and economic value. The commodity they then produce is high quality and has the right nutritional value. Their final product then goes to WFP operations around the world and refugee operations across the world,”  said Mr. Beasley as the tour concluded.