Our Approach

Our ambition is to become an African food champion social enterprise addressing hunger and malnutrition by building resilient food systems and offering consumers nutritious, affordable, preferred and accessible products. Our business strategy is centered around investing in our key capabilities for long-term sustainability.

Product and Brand Development

Develop nutritious and tasty products tailored to local flavor profiles and distribute them in the right pack sizes for the right price.


Building Local agricultural value chains

We aim to support smallholder farmers and African agricultural value chains through local sourcing to create jobs directly or indirectly.



We are keen to grow our country and category footprint by partnering with local, regional and international players.

Innovative Distribution Models

We will use a mix of direct and indirect distribution across formal and informal channels in order to widen our reach as we work towards making our products accessible and available to our customers through innovations such as the introduction of dispensers at major retail stores and single servings sachets to promote affordability.

World-Class Operations and Quality Manufacturing Standards

We have world-class manufacturing capabilities ensuring the production of high-quality, safe and nutritious products.