As part of his two-day state visit to Rwanda, Zambia’s President H.E Edgar Lungu visited our Plant. The visit was part of the Head of State’s tour of the Kigali Special Economic Zone.

Speaking at the welcoming event, the Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Development Board (RDB) Clare AKAMANZI noted that AIF is one of the biggest importers of Maize from Zambia, which is used as raw materials for products such as Nootri Family., “Here at AIF they produce and export processed foods and I must note Mr. president that most of the maize that is used here comes from Zambia so thank you for this contribution.”

“Industrialization has positively affected the Job creation in Rwanda whereby over 10,000 Jobs have been invested in this industry. Africa Improved Foods is seen to have a lot of potential of doing more” she said.

The CEO of Africa Improved Foods Mr. Amar Ali noted that the quality of Maize imported from Zambia has continued to improve over the past few years, “Initially we rejected more than 90% of the maize but through continued partnerships with the government and farmers the quality has greatly improved that the number has gone down to less than 5%,” the CEO said.

With over 60 million children in Africa still affected by malnutrition, the issue has been noted by the African Union as one of the major challenges affecting the continent to which the Africa Improved Foods CEO noted that, “Big problems require big solutions”.

“AIF is not only just happy to be part of this journey but proud to work hand in hand with the Government and shareholders to fight malnutrition in Rwanda and across the region,”

Currently AIF runs a program with the Ministry of Health where we have our products distributed to the most vulnerable population. In terms of Job creation, AIF has created over 300 permanent jobs and double the same amount in the value chain.

“AIF is not just a business but a model on how these global challenges should be addressed.” Amar added.

He emphasized the fact that the company’s aim is to increase the African production and this is by sourcing locally.

Mr Jan Vriens, the AIF COO took guests through the production process, showing how the machines used have the highest quality and hygienic standards. He stated that AIF is FSSC 22000 certified and has already been granted 6 S marks.

It was a fruitful visit by H.E Edgar Lungu who appreciated what has been done so far and sees a lot potential in the company in contributing to the fight against malnutrition in Africa. The management of AIF concluded by thanking the President and his team for having visited the plant and delegates were happy to take Nootri Family products home to taste and enjoy with their families.