Audrey Hepburn once said that “As you grow older, you will discover you have two hands-one for helping yourself, the other for helping others and Africa Improved Foods is no stranger to that. As part of their fight against malnutrition, 25 MT of Nootri Family products worth $30,000 were donated to different organizations and schools.



Since the month of March, these donations have been channeled through local charity organizations like Avega, Compassion, Christ Embassy, Jesus cares for kids, the Rwandan Muslim Community, Potters Hand Ministries, Solid Africa to name a few.

On Thursday June 13th, the AIF team led by the Head of Key Accounts and Corporate Communications – Aretha Mutumwinka paid a visit to some of the beneficiaries from the Jesus Cares for Kids organization at Kibagabaga Hospital. AIF donated 30 cartons of Nootri Family to vulnerable women who are currently hospitalized at Kibagabaga hospital (with some of these women being young moms to children who are challenged with malnutrition).



“Giving back to the most vulnerable constituents of our society is the greatest gesture one can do. At AIF our mandate is to fight malnutrition hence helping disadvantaged women and children in hospitals who do not have enough food is something we would like to continue taking part in” explained Aretha.

Theresia Uwambajimana, one of the beneficiaries of this initiative shared with us her heartbreaking experience saying she gave birth to twins and one of her babies died soon after, leaving the surviving child suffering from malnutrition.



“I cannot afford medical bills let alone the porridge my baby needs during this period, may God bless these kind hearted people for this donation.” Theresia said.

Nootri Family was prepared for the patients and their children on site and Mbabazi Teta- founder of Jesus Cares for Kids explained that this activity was one of many her organization has been doing in hospitals across the city.



“As a God-fearing woman I could not sit back comfortably knowing there were people out there in need that I could support, when this initiative started, I was asking for donations from churches, friends… anything from clothes, money, food. But for a bigger impact I am now seeking donations from corporate companies. No one should starve when we have the power to help” Teta explained.