NootriMama and NootriToto are back but this time bigger and more affordable.  Africa Improved Foods Ltd (AIF), the company that was awarded Investor of The Year 2017 and also well known for producing highly nutritious products, has responded to demands in the market for larger quantities of NootriMama & NootriToto and launched 1-kilogram versions of the aforementioned.

There have been some complaints from customers especially mothers on the issue of the packs being small and not affordable. The old packs of NootriMama and NootriToto weighing 500g each cost RWF1,400 and RWF1,500 respectively.

Going back to the company’s objective to help reduce malnutrition and the stunting burden in Rwanda, AIF was compelled to ensure that the quantity and price were right.

Rwanda, a country that has exceeded most of its development goals, still faces some challenges of chronic malnutrition or stunting. The World Health Organization (WHO) 2015 report shows that over 38% of the Rwandan population is stunted. This rate is especially high among the poorest households, or those living in rural areas, hence the need to make the Nootri products more accessible.

The new bigger 1kg packs of NootriToto and NootriMama retail now at a better price of only 2000 Rwf, and this means more nutrients for less. These products are rich in Vitamins A (for the eyes), B6 and E (for healthy nervous system), B12 (for healthy red blood cells), C (for healthy bones), D (for healthy muscles), Calcium (for bones), Zinc and Iron (blood and immune system). This nutritional value is necessary to meet young children’s needs as well as pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

“Children above six months and young children should receive nutritionally adequate and high-quality complementary foods while continuing to be breastfed at least until a child is two years of age or more. AIF finds it important that all children get the opportunity to develop to their full potential by giving them proper nutrition” AIF’s Country Manager Prosper Ndayiragije said at the launch of Nootri products.