With most school-age children expected to keep up with their classwork, here are a couple of homeschooling hacks for parents.

Don’t re-create “school at home”

The very nature of being at home vs school changes everything. Embrace, don’t fight, the change. Yes, you can homeschool your kids in just two hours a day. You need to make the environment as lively and fun as possible to entice your children to participate.


Give them room to play

At school children are allowed a minimum of two to three breaks a day in between their lessons to recharge. The same applies to homeschooling, your kids need a couple of breaks throughout the day to play and have some fun.



Back to basics

Among the lessons you’re teaching your kids you might want to include life lessons. Teaching your kids basic chores such as cooking for example can be a way to enrich them with new experiences during this “stay at home” period.

Educative Programs

Kids love TV and they can be stuck to it like glue for a whole day, it might be a challenge for most parents to pry their attention from TV. The alternative is to make sure they watch educational material on TV. A good example would be History or Nature channels such as National Geographic.

Learning New Skills

Social Media takes up a big chunk of our children’s time, some of them rarely look up from their smartphones. However, that’s not such a bad thing, finding ways to educate them through their smart devices is the key to getting their attention. Educative applications such as Babbel that teach new languages would be a great digital tool to teach our kids new skills before they go back to school.

All in all, whether you follow these steps or devise new ways to make homeschooling work for you and your family, make sure you spend some quality time with your children during this period. Stay safe!