In this week’s edition of the Employee Spotlight, we will be featuring our Business Support Unit and most especially one of its employees – Ukize Godson as he shares his thoughts on the power of purpose and working for a socially-conscious organization.



What does it mean to you as an employee to work for a socially-impactful organization such as AIF?

AIF’s social impact as an organization is far-reaching, it tackles subjects such as malnutrition and stunting, local sourcing and so much more. To me as an employee, this is important because as I fulfill both the company’s bottom-line and mine, I know somewhere somehow my work is impacting people’s lives and bettering them. This is something I used to aspire to before working for AIF and I am glad to say that no matter how small my contribution maybe, I am indeed making a difference.

Do you think this impacts your commitment to your everyday tasks?

Being a professional, I have to say that I bring 100% to every task I do but there is a certain satisfaction that comes from waking up every morning and knowing you are going to do some good out in the world. This conviction alone makes me go that extra mile, work that extra hour, and basically put in everything I have to make sure the job is done and done right.

In your opinion, what should be done to encourage employee engagement in AIF’s social impact activities?

In my opinion, it all comes down to working as a collective. As employees involving ourselves in community initiatives together can enable said activities to have a more notable impact, far more than any individual undertaking. Activities even as commonplace as Umuganda can make a difference, this of course would have to be done with the current COVID-19 climate in mind by practicing proper social distancing. All in all, together we can make a difference all we need is a worthwhile activity in which to channel our efforts.