In this week’s edition of the Employee Spotlight, we will be featuring our procurement department and most especially one of its brightest employees – Jean Claude Munyaneza.



Jean Claude or Claude as most people call him has been at AIF for over 2 years after stints in Tigo, Frontiers Adventures Great Lakes, RDB, and the Ministry of Labor.

We had a brief chat with him as he shared his thoughts on AIF values and how company values lend a hand in employee efficiency.

What does your work as a procurement officer entail?

Most of my work here consists of sourcing for services and evaluating contract compliance and supplier performance. I basically weed out the wheat from the chaff when it comes to suppliers and make sure we use the most accomplished one.

How do you think the company values contribute to your efficiency when it comes to your duties?

Take initiative, Be results-oriented, Work together as one team, Be the best you can be, communicate effectively, and act with integrity and responsibility. These six tenets guide the work we do on a daily basis whether you’re working in procurement or any other department. When employees live and breathe the company’s core values their performance improves. They have a clear understanding of their role, what the company is trying to achieve and where they come in, the values provide employees with a clear picture of what attitude they need to adopt in order to perform at their best and guides their actions in new or difficult situations.

In your opinion, what can be done here at AIF to improve employee engagement?

When it comes to keeping employees engaged, one of the most important things is helping employees foster meaningful connections with each other. The problem is employers can’t force friendships or police people’s relationships at the office. It just wouldn’t make sense.

My recommendation would be to create settings such as corporate social events for instance that allow people to get to know each other outside of the office.