To answer that question we take you behind the motivation Africa Improved Foods had when we decided to partake in partnering with this social enterprise.

It all stems from the fact that we are a nutrition based company. When the organizers of Miss Rwanda approached us to be their health partner we saw the value it would have on our brand’s purpose.  Furthermore, with the impact these models, who in the light of the winner being crowned as Miss Rwanda 2019, could help inspire the parents of malnourished children to take care of them by using proper feeding mechanisms while raising the proverbial leaders of the future.

Once the coronation takes place, the young lady who will have won the hearts of Rwandans in one way or another will surely tag at the heartstrings of mothers who want to raise the children that will aspire to do great things in their lives. This won’t stop there as engaging activities by the winner of Miss Rwanda 2019 will take place, on behalf of AIF to inspire mothers to do all it takes in combating malnutrition.

The winner will be supported by AIF to help 50 malnourished children to grow in a heathier manner than what they were accustomed to over a period of one year.

With the crowned Miss Rwanda being the face to inspire the combat against malnutrition, we hope this sparks a more open-minded approach to joining worthy causes that improve the livelihoods of those we interact with as corporate entities.