In different cultures throughout time people have always celebrated motherhood for the miracle it is. Throughout conception to birth, it’s all about rejoicing over a new life and congratulating the mother on a successful delivery.

Friends and family alike gather around in a jovial atmosphere to shower the mother and her baby with gifts.

With this sentiment, Nootri introduced Guhemba and Baby shower giveaways to celebrate the mothers and their beautiful babies.

On July 27th, Annet Nambooze and Rita Tebasiima who were the lucky winners of the first baby shower draw in Uganda were treated to a delightful afternoon surrounded by the closest of their friends and families.

The event was held at Nanjing restaurant in a private and cozy setting where everyone who attended got nutrition advice from Joweria Nambooze on what pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should be including in their diets, health, complementary feeding and more.


As the event drew to a close, both mothers were handed a big hamper brimming with baby essentials courtesy of Nootri.

Rita expressed her joy over the event saying “I don’t usually enter draws; I always feel like they’re a scam but this time around, I bought a Nootri Mama pack and a few hours later I received a call informing me that I am the lucky winner and now here I am. I am very happy!”

Just a few weeks after on 14th August, Francine Nyiranzeyimana who was the winner of the draw here in Rwanda also got her Guhemba treat!

Francine who had recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy that she named Dieu-Merci came with her friends and her husband to Century Park in a celebratory mood.

The couple and their friends had a moment where they were advised by nutritionist Emmanuel Bikorimana on the right nutrition and diet for a new born baby.

Francine was also given a sizeable hamper full of items she would need as a new mother like baby wipes, diapers, baby clothes, bibs, Nootri products and more.

When asked how she felt about the event Francine had this to say “I never thought buying one small pack of Nootri Mama could get me all this, I remember when my name was called at the draw, I couldn’t believe it was me. I was speechless! But this event has exceeded all my expectations, I’m so happy! I will go home telling everyone what a good time I had”

You could be the next lucky winner! Buy two packs of our delicious “Nootri Mama” porridge and fill in your details on the voucher card provided at the shop you bought them from.

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